Innovative chemicals and automatic dosing units for surface pre-treatments prior organic coating non stick - procelain enamel applications

"The best quality by the lowest process cost" 

The sentence sum-up the mission of a company born on 2004 from a decades of expirence on surface pre-treatment prior organic and inorganic coating applications , from non stick alu cookware to automotive and for any industry needing surface cleaning, phosphating , substrate conversion.

Contesto internazionale

Quality and Innovation 

The above words merge on chemical specialties using ingredients  and derivate technologies from worldwide leaders on raw materials manufacturing. We can claim a modern and update manufacturing unit  - -but and most of all a group of specialized graduates by having the only target of Research & Development. Matching ISO standars is just a natural conseguence.

Qualità e innovazione

Green Products -Safety of Users 

Results and cost are not necessarely in antithesis with greener specialties  and safety of people connected on the usage of chemical products : Automatic Dosing Units , low water consumption processes, and lack of noxius ingredients regardless regulations are a step forward toward a clean environment .


Chemitech ha il sistema di certificazione ISO 9001/2008
che gli garantisce qualità e miglior servizio alla clientela